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		Cat Sitting and Dog Walking Services, giving you peace of mind when on holiday or at home

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Paws n Paws to look after my pets?

We are a full-time company with no part-time employees.We take great pride in making sure your pet or pets are as happy, contented, well-cared for and as safe as if they were our own.

We would like all our customers to return to us regularly and the only way to do this is for us to provide you with a professional, efficient and, above all, caring service.

What about security?

Paws n Paws is insured by Pet Business Insurance and staff are fully Police Checked (documentation available).When we arrive at your home it is not in an identifiable vehicle that might in itself indicate to others that you may be going away. If you are away on holiday we can, as a matter of course, move mail out of sight, open and close curtains/blinds and put out bins for collection if you wish. If your neighbours know you are to be away we do ask that you let them know that we will be calling.

If we are too busy to regularly walk our dog what would you suggest?

This could be discussed and decided during our initial visit to meet you and your pet. Much depends, of course, on the breed and age of the dog but to keep your pet healthy and happy we would always suggest regular shorter walks rather than an occasional long walk. The decision is obviously yours and we are here to provide whatever you consider the most appropriate service.

Do I have to book a long way ahead or can I call at short notice?

As with all services, forward booking is always preferable but we will always do our best to accommodate all requests, particularly from our regular customers.