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		Cat Sitting and Dog Walking Services, giving you peace of mind when on holiday or at home

Dog Services - Walking

Paws n Paws understands that your dog is a major part of your family but needs physical and mental stimulation when you are away, at work or unable to walk it yourself. Dogs need their exercise in order to remain content and happy at home. If you don't have the time then there's no better way than to have a dog walker to do this important job for you.

At Paws n Paws we give you the option of having your dog walked regularly either in your area or transported in our vehicle to a nearby park or open space. A walk of 30 minutes or more means they will be returned home fit and contented.

Paws n Paws:-

  • Will walk your dog on a regular or occasional basis
  • Will do one-to-one walking with your pet
  • Will undertake feeding, basic grooming and playing if required

All of which will mean:-

  • A healthier and happier dog
  • More variety and less boredom for your pet
  • Behavioural problems less likely

PLUS - occasional print-outs of our daily Report Log

From £6.50 per walk