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		Cat Sitting and Dog Walking Services, giving you peace of mind when on holiday or at home

Cat Services - Home Visits

You give your cat the best of everything because it trusts you. Why not do the same when you are away?

One option is to take your cat to a cattery but that can cause your pet a great deal of stress. Cats are territorial animals and much prefer their familiar environment and feeding routine.

Paws n Paws will visit your home to look after your pet in its own environment so that it:-

  • Maintains its routine
  • Retains its regular diet
  • Continues to be happy and content

Paws n Paws will arrange:-

  • Fresh water and food
  • Cleaning of bowls and feeding area
  • Cleaning of litter trays
  • Administration of medication if necessary
  • Grooming
  • Playing

Plus if on holiday or away we will:-

  • Send you a weekly text to let you know all is well
  • Provide you with a print-out of our daily Report Log

From £8 per day